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Open the door to an enriched learning experience at our online Homes Mastery Academy. Immerse yourself in expert knowledge, empowering insights, and practical strategies tailored to unravel the complexities of real estate faced by consumers. Elevate your understanding and confidence in the homebuying and selling process with our well crafted and easy to follow online courses.

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Homes Mastery Academy, where your path to successful homeownership and profitable home selling begins. Our academy is a premier destination for individuals seeking expert-led courses and resources in the dynamic world of real estate.

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Whether you're considering a move, looking to enhance your property value, or venturing into your first home purchase, our free guides cover vital topics. Gain exclusive insights into Toi Holliday's two new books, "Maximizing Your Vacant Property" and "Home Selling Secrets Unveiled," providing valuable perspectives. Elevate your homeownership journey with these empowering resources.

How to Navigate Your Inherited Home Sale

Have you recently become the inheritor of a home or estate? Navigating the decision-making process in such circumstances, especially with multiple family members involved, can be challenging.

This book serves as a comprehensive guide, delving into the intricacies of inheriting a home from a departed loved one. Covering the process, choices, and potential roadblocks, it provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

Within these pages, we explore your best options, offer guidance on dividing assets with family members, and address any legal considerations. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights into preparing and selling an older home, along with navigating estate taxes. This book is your roadmap for handling the complexities that come with inheriting a property.  Inherited Property Services

Answers to Your Property Tax Debt

Are you grappling with property tax debt or facing a lien on your home? Maybe you're simply curious about the processes involved. This book is designed precisely for individuals with these questions, offering guidance and insights.

I delve into the most effective ways to handle your property if you're behind on taxes and provide a comprehensive overview of dealing with a lien on your house. I've encountered stories of individuals losing their properties or substantial sums of money in such situations.

But, it doesn't have to be your story. Solutions abound, and there is a way to navigate out of debt. Whether you need practical tips, insight into available programs, or want to avoid common mistakes, this book provides answers to all your queries, even if you're not currently facing debt.


Explore a wealth of real estate wisdom through Toi Holliday's curated collection of books available for purchase. Each book offers valuable insights, including homebuying techniques, maximizing property value, mastering the art of successful home selling, and providing an essential addition to your homeownership library. Click on preview for a sneak peak!

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