How Herbs Work In Your Body?

Herbs are known to function in the body in this manner:

1.  Cleanse the body and promote healing: Everyday waste products are gathered and eliminated from the body. The
body is constantly working to cleanse and heal itself. Herbs help, rather than interfere, with this cleansing, healing,
and eliminating process.

Regulate the system (body glands and functions): Besides helping the body to cleanse, herbs also strengthen,
normalize, and tone the glands to their normal functions.

Are Nutritional: Herbs are very high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that nourish and build the body.

Raise the energy level of the body: Herbs stimulate the energy levels within the body, so the body has increased

Stimulate the body's Immune System: Herbs stimulate the immune system and promote the body's natural good
defense task force.

Keep our bodies clean and give us energy to spare: Constipation is one of the greatest reasons today for our
illnesses. Herbs work via the elimination organs. Colon (bowels), lungs (mucus), kidneys (urine), skin (sweat and
dead cells). Each of these organs should eliminate, as a rule, 2 pounds of waste per day. Yes......a total of 8 pounds
of waste in the form of urine, mucus, dead cells, perspiration and feces, should and can leave our body every 24
hours, says Dr. Dan Mowry.

When our organs function properly we have energy to spare at the end of each day. As denatured food with all the
life processed out of it keeps us constipated and, therefore, our entire eliminative system locks up on us and we
become ill. Just think for a moment, you are eating 3-4  meals a day while eliminating only once a day, then where
does the remainder of the masticated food go?  Right! I think you got it now.
The waste from the colon spills
directly into the blood stream and we become poisoned by our own waste.

The general rule for getting well with a natural approach is, every program is a minimum of 90 days, because it takes
that long to change the blood and add one month to every year that you have violated and ignored your body.  This
means we get well 11 times faster than we get sick, but it takes seven times the nutrients to get well than to stay
well. The body is as forgiving as the Creator that created it. This is proved when you know:
Every 90 days, we have new blood, Every 11 months, we have new cells; and Every 2 years, we have new
So, why are so many of us so sick and why are we dying so miserable?  

The health of our body tissues is based on what we use to nourish and build them. Nothing runs better than the fuel
it uses.
 Herbs....Our Heritage (Genesis 1:29).

** Compliments of Dina & Ernest Allen of The NSP Body Workshop.
How Herbs Work in Your Body
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