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The Colon Quiz
Simply answer Yes or No to the following questions:
Yes   or  No
1.  Do I eliminate at least 2-3 times daily?                                

2.  Do I eliminate at least one half hours after I eat?                    

3.  Is my stool light, bulky and easy to pass?                                 

4.  Are my stools odorless?                                                         

5.  Do I eliminate as soon as I sit down?                                       

6.  Is the shape of my stool like my colon?                                    

7.  Do I have halitosis?                                                                

8.  Do I bloat after I eat?                                                            

9.  Do I have a protrusion under my navel (abdomen sticks out)?

10. Am I gassy?                                                                          

11. Do I have a roll of fat under my bust area?       

Questions 1-6 should be YES and questions 7-11
should be NO. Any other answers indicate the need
for colon cleansing. Be honest with yourself, "How
great is your colon?"